The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica Review

The Rolex Explorer II series along with the Submariner, the Datejust and the GMT-Master are the most popular brands of watches that have been ever been produced by the Rolex SA. The Explorer series is has been an outstanding watch for the many years it has been in existence. This watch is designed for world explorers in mind. The exploration world is one with its challenges and only a bold watch would meet.

The history of the Rolex Explorer II series goes back to as early as 1970’s. Rolex SA has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Its 100 plus years in the watch making industry has enabled it to make excellent pieces of watches, which are not only quality tools but also sleek pieces of luxury, that standout when they are on your wrist. Rolex therefore came up with a watch that would make the life of an explorer easier.

The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica
The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica

The Rolex Explorer II upon unveiling in 1971 was meant for cave exploration and it was not well received by the world since few people ventured in cave exploration ventures. Many people complained of the tough to read model case the changes that had come with it were too rapid for watch enthusiasts to adapt. This watch has had a very small customer base but it is still produced by Rolex SA to this date.

Features of the new rolex explorer II white face replica  

Now that we have seen where the Rolex Explorer has come from, it is time we get to know what the replica watch entails. I am going to unravel all the specifications and detailed information starting from the watch’s case to the clasp. Many people do think that Rolex replica watches are similar in all aspects but they are different from an expert view.

Oyster Case

This replica watch is made from the best material that a watch can be made of. Oyster steel is an alloy that belongs to the 904L family of steel and is used in the making of aerospace vehicles, and chemical containers. This material is corrosion-resistance, has a good finished look and best of all it maintains the look for a long time.

The case measures 42mm in diameter and it makes this watch one of the biggest Rolex watches.   


The Rolex Explorer II replica  has an oyster bracelet. This type of bracelet offers function and comfort at the same time. The material used for this bracelet is Oyster. This bracelet offers the traditional feel of an oyster bracelet. Oyster bracelets have been around for a lot of time and it does not seem like it will end any time soon.

The bracelet is equipped with an Oysterlock folding clasp. This prevents accidental opening of the replica watch, which might cause you to lose it. This clasp is also crucial in preventing thieves from snatching the watch easily from your wrist.

The bracelet also has a 5mm extension wear that allows you to extend the bracelet length to allow you fit the watch perfectly according to your wrist’s sizing.

The White Dial

The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica
The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica

The main and only reason that makes this watch be known as the Rolex Explorer II White Face is due to the white dial it has. The dial is a distinctive feature of the Explorer II. The white dial also serves the purpose of the replicated watch is meant which is to enhance readability in very low light areas that an explorer will come across.

This dial has four-hour markers made from 18ct gold, which prevents them from tarnishing due to the constant shock.

3187 Movement

The replica watch has the 3187 caliber movement. This is a self-winding and mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by the Rolex SA. In addition to this movement, this watch features a 24-hour hand to display a second time zone.

This movement is fitted with a Parachrom hairspring that is said to be finer than human hair. This hairspring is unaltered by shock and temperature variation, which makes the movement accurate.

The 3187 movement just like all other movements used in Rolex watches is a certified Swiss chronometer and is tested by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute

The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica
The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica

A Sapphire Crystal

The Explorer II White Face has a sapphire crystal. This crystal is scratch proof. It should deprive you of all your paranoia about your watch having developed scratches. It also has a Cyclops lens over the date function to enable you read the date easily.


The bezel of this replica watch is static. Rolex developed it this way because many explorers have no need for a rotatable bezel. The bezel is graduated with the 24-hour system to enable explorers cope with the changing time zones as they go around the world.

The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica
The New Rolex Explorer II White Face Replica

I have to conclude that Rolex put in mind the life of an explorer and produced a piece of excellence that is both a tool and a magnificent piece of jewelry altogether.


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