Rolex Submariner Series

Why do Men Love Rolex Submariner Series Wrist-watches?

Men seem to have a natural affinity towards Rolex watches. In most cases,  it is a perfect ornament for good grooming, representing the owner’s taste and self-cultivation, The Rolex also facilitates social contact, as it is an easily recognizable brand, and a conversation starter. The Rolex Submariner Series of wrist-watches are particularly popular among men. Men regard the attainment of a new Roles Submariner as a status symbol and goal to be achieved. What characteristics make Submariner series of wrist-watches so favored by men?  Let’s have a look:

Although Rolex’s design is high-end, it also has perfect quality tech support. If you know the Submariner series wrist-watches, you will understand that they are classic, fashionable, precise and durable. Of course,  another reason why these are popular among men is their reputation for high cost, but also high performance.

Rolex Submariner Series
Rolex Submariner Series

First, let’s Learn the Story of Submariner Series

In 1953, Rolex produced the first waterproof wrist-watches with a waterproofing depth of 100 meters. This wasthe birth of Submariner series. Of course, it is quite different from the Submariner wristwatch that we know   today. The previous pointer was linear, not the Benz pointer familiar to people now. This new pointer design has nothing to do with the Mercedes Benz vehicle line. This shape was adopted in order to facilitate the application of luminescent paint to the now larger hand.

In addition to the changes in the pointer, the diameter of the shell has also expanded from 36mm to 40mm. With the development of new technology, the waterproofing depth has also risen to 300 meters. A calendar viewer and single rotary outer ring design were also added for convenience.  The “magnifier calendar window”is one of the classic trademarks of Rolex.

Rolex Submariner series of wrist-watches have also made great changes in materials in order to keep up with the times. The change from 314L and 316L stainless steel to the more  corrosion resistant 904L stainless steel;the change from acrylic to the more scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass, improved luminous materials, and  the application of highly durable cerachrom to the bezel ring have all advanced Rolex even further into the dominant position in the watch industry.

Rolex Submariner Series
Rolex Submariner Series

The Most Popular Rolex Submariner Series Wrist-Watches

There are new wristwatches of Rolex Submariner series. When it comes to the series, these watches are the most popular and most representative.

Let’s look at some examples of the Submariner series. The entry level 114060 is mentioned here first, as the price is within ten thousand dollars. The lower price and the simple appearance make this an excellent choice for first time purchasers. This wristwatch adopts the older 3130 movement, with no calendar, and has a waterproofing depth of 300 meters.

The next watch we will discuss is the upgraded version of the 14060M. The main differences between the firstmodel and the upgraded version are that the new style adopts the ceramic outer bezel, and the movement adopts the blue band hairspring. The newer model also has a solid watchband and crown shoulder widening treatment. There is little difference in appearance between the newer and older model. People with budgetary constraints might consider buying a second-hand 14060M or 14060, or even a still lower priced replica.

Nowadays, the quality of a replica watch can be quite good- even to the point where some replicas cannot be distinguished from the real thing, even by jewelry store personnel.

Of all of the Rolex Submariner series wrist-watches, the most popular watches are the 116610LN black dial  wrist-watch and the 16610LV green dial wrist-watch. The most outstanding feature of the 116610LN black dial wrist-watch is the new RinglockSystem watchcase structure. Even with great pressure in deep water, the watchcase will not falter. The case can only be opened with the torque of 5 Newton.meters. It can therfore be a very strong submersion watch. The wrist watch uses a Swiss 3135 movement, a dial diameter of 40mm, and a waterproofing depth of 300 meters.

Beside the color difference, the 116610LV green dial wrist-watch and 116610LN black dial wrist-watch are actually almost the same. But the price of the green dial wrist-watch is a little higher than the black, because of the “green gold” PVD technology coating on the surface. Even though this material and process have beenknown to Rolex for quite some time, they have used it in very few watches. This rarity has made these watches more precious, and for that reason they are typically harder to find and more expensive.

Rolex Submariner Series
Rolex Submariner Series

Also, the green dial is very eye-catching, and highly recognizable.

As we all know, most generic watch dials are either white or black. The green dial is unique and so it is favored by the trendsetter. People will definitely know that you are wearing a Rolex!

Nick. Uncle Nick here is a loyal fan of this wrist watch. It is his own lingering charm.

Rolex Submariner Series
Rolex Submariner Series

In addition to the above several watches, of course, the platinum blue dial 116619LB is worthy of mention. Although it is not as famous as some of the others, it is indeed the most expensive wrist-watch   among this series. You can get the gold steel three-row watch chain, which can retail for more   than US Dollar $40,000.

So why do so many men love Rolex Submariner series wrist-watches? In a word: quality. Quality is the foundation of Rolex’s longevity. This is especially true of the Submariner series wrist-watches. Anyone wearingthis type of wristwatch is telegraphing to his social circle the twin values of good taste and high performance.

Rolex is known for its quality, its price, and its performance. It also tends to hold more of their value over time than other timepieces. Rolex has high brand awareness, and in most social circles is thought of as a status symbol. According to statistics, there is wide brand name recognition, and, 60% of people name Rolex as their first high quality watch purchase.

Because of limited time, this introduction to Submariner series wrist-watches is inadequate to cover detailed information. We suggest that Rolex fans go to the web site ( for more comprehensive descriptions of not only the Submariner series, but other fine Rolexes as well. Many professional Rolex users  will also publish their own evaluations, which can be quite suitable and informative for the entry-level Rolex fan. Of course, you are welcome to focus on my blog. I will constantly update my own knowledge about     these wristwatches, so that you can quickly become a watch expert.



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